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Attuned Refuge Gateway special w/ MArylou

24 March 2020
  • Ambient
  • Doom Metal
  • Drone
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  • Field Recording
  • Atmospheric
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  • Melancholy
  • Dreamy
  • Meditative
World as Lover, World as Self
“…living systems adapt by transforming themselves, and thus does learning happen.
“Real learning is not something added, it is a reorganization of the system.
“New nets and assemblies occur, loops form, alternate pathways develop.
“The viewed world is different and so is the viewer.
“When in the sixteenth century Copernicus and Keppler produced compelling evidence that the Earth revolved around the Sun, it was not just additional information.
“A revolution occurred in our experience of the world and in the ways we see and think.
“Now, in our time, the Gaia hypothesis -that the Earth itself is a living system- brings with it a comparable transformation in our understanding of our world and ourselves.
“We can recognize here the creative function of cognitive crisis.
“When old habitual modes of interpretation become dysfunctional, it is often painful, a dark night of the soul, but that kind of confusion can be fruitful.
“It motivates the system to self-organize in more inclusive ways, embracing and integrating data of which it had been previously unconscious.”
Joanna Macy

I wanted to propose a meditative window for this one, let s tranform ourselves and build together this new world of solidarity



Mohammad - Segonde Salego
Will Guthrie - Peak
Uj Bala Lobban - Kurva Banda Jol Muzsikal
Acolytes - கொந்தளிப்பை
Stephen O'Malley - Auflösung der Zeit
Kazega Fuitara Sayonara remix
Hope fountain native girls’ choir - Indamba Yomkonto
A. Mirzaeva- Dilbar
Paki.Visdnadi - Imaginary Choreography
Maryam Guebrou - Mothers Love
Ondnes - Malta Inquieta
Metal Preyers - Snake Sacrifice
Acolytes - STRESS II
Vera Dvale + Psykovarius - Must Udu
Keith Fullerton Whitman - High Zero Generator
Sote - Dxtral
Saint Abdullah - Taxi Ride Through Tehran
Svitlana Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko - Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy
Stone Lizard - Mower
Advanced Audio Research -Trans-Mongolian Railway
Alberto Bocardi + Stefano Pilia - Bastet
Mouthus - Where the bridge was found
East Man- Fight for a cause
Baul song, West Bengal