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Attuned Refuge Marylou + Zoé Mcpherson

5 November 2019

Zoë Mc Pherson is an interdisciplinary artist based whose kaleidoscopic output channels a myriad of sources and research including Inuit culture, hybridity, Kurdish feminism, Vodun polyrhythms and the practice of Cat’s Cradle.

Marylou invite her for a journey between their two worlds, opening bass and dub bridges.


songs from
Zoé Mcpherson,
Louise Landes Levy - Bhairavi,
Donato Dozzy - The Loud silence,
Th Duo - Another Dark Age,
NSDOS - Botanic Garden,
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi - Ritme Jaavdanegi,
Putra Jaya Melati - Arak Arakan ( Malajaya ) ,
Angela Bulloch,
Rully Shabara,
Scarz - Percussa,
Dolo 4,
Causa - Are we,
Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas

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