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Attuned Refuge presents FOR THE NOT-YET

05 December 2020
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Experimental
  • Talk Show
  • Soundscape
  • Atmospheric
  • Delicate
  • Dreamy
  • Informative

The curators of Music for the Not Yet discuss their Berlin-based residency project live on Cashmere Radio! With Francis Sosta, Florence Freitag & Diane Barbé. Invited artists for the 2020 residency were: Nguyen + Transitory, Kim Wichera aka Bodyfool, and Shanti Suki Osman.


Music for the Not-Yet is a residency project providing artists with time and space to address the unknown. We are living in a moment where community-building, care and peer-to-peer education are more and more important to mend the crisis and cope with uncertainty. The Not-Yet residency provides personal space to rest, transform and re-think the present into a future of unseen possibilities, as well as a platform for intersectional exchanges.

Music for the Not Yet is funded with the Karrieresprunsbrett fund of the Musicboard Berlin.

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Shanti Suki Osman - unreleased audio diary with Maya Dalinsky (2020)

Bodyfool - Icix2 (IDIOM, 2019)

Nguyễn + Transitory - Hanging Laundry In Krakow (Generative Textures #1, 2018)

Nguyễn + Transitory - unreleased self-generative materials (2020)

Howard Stelzer & Guiseppe Lelasi - Ruin 3 (Night Life, 2005)

Bodyfool - Liste9 (2017)

Coyer Koya - Radio Queen (Ease Tension, 2016)

Late Night in Squat Bars - Paradise (Clamp Down, 2016)

Bodyfool - Avep Alss (2017)