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Attuned Refuge with Marta De Pascalis

07 November 2020
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Experimental
  • Folk
  • Improv
  • Cinematic
  • Delicate
  • Atmospheric
  • Psychedelic

Marta De Pascalis is one of a kind.

She creates densely layered collages of glowing melodic shards and growling bass lines, her hypnotic minimal synth figures warping and whirling around each other before dissolving into entropic oblivion. For her compositions she uses improvisation on a tape-loop system, in which patterns of repetition create a sense of a dense, dynamic and cathartic distance. She has produced two albums of Berlin School minimal synth excursions: the self-released Quitratue (2014) and Anzar by the Touch-affiliated The Tapeworm imprint, 2016. ‘Her Core’ was published in Spring 2018 by The Wormhole, while her debut album “Sonus Ruinae” dropped on Morphine late August 2020.

Last year, before enchanting the Berghain with her loop spells at the Morphine Modern/ Morphine Contemporary night, I invited her in the Attuned Refuge to introduce us her life path through sound with a beautiful selection. She’s back today with a profound and blasting set for your ears delight.






Philip Jeck – Vinyl Coda I (excerpt)
Maxwell Sterling – With Rumour (excerpt)
Venozstks – Secret (excerpt)
Bellows - 03
Praed! Orchestra – Mirage 72 (excerpt)
Jasmine Guffond & Erik K Skodvin - Cozumel Trasher
Onethrix Point Never – Imago
Seefeel – e-hix
Marta De Pascalis – Move of Radiance
Elysia Crampton - Dog Clouds (feat. Jeremy Rojas)
Panacea vs Advanced Academy - Dec8
μ-Ziq – Burnt Sienna
Broshuda – Airlite DMV
Cocteau Twins – Pink Orange Red
Lucrecia Dalt – Ser boca
Autechre – esc desc
The Cure – Carnage Visors (excerpt)
Il Quadro Di Troisi – Intenzioni