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Biesentales #11 – Blumenzigaretteneis

10 November 2018

Hosted by jayrope & Lippstück, bridge-improvising between a sort of radio play and dj-ing their current favourite music. Featuring reading from Ann Cotten – Fremdwörtersonette, Peter Esterhazy – Fancsiko und Pinta, Aby Warburg – Schlagenritual & Rob Hordjik – The Blippoo Box: A Chaotic Electronic Music Instrument, Bent by Design, and music from the realms of Early & Contemporary Electronics, Psyched synthpunk, Postrock und so weiter.


jayrope - Tango comes back – [Folge elf!]
Hiragi Fukuda – 316L
Robert Rutman’s Steel Cello Ensemble – Buzz chime
Laurie Anderson - Walk the Dog
Gerry Mitchell / Various production – Semi important parasites
Otto Bernstein - Glasmusik Toncollage
[Ann Cotten – Fremdwörtersonette]
Space Traveler – live in galatea
[Ann Cotten – Fremdwörtersonette]
Altar der antilopenpriester...
Jan Boerman - Komposite 1972
[Wasser Blitz Schlange]
[Peter Esterhazy – fancsiko und pinta]
Minze – 300 tokyo motels
Yarn/Wire - Nathan Davis/De clocher á clocher (2012)
[Ann Cotten – Fremdwörtersonette]
jayrope - (C08) Inner workings pt3
[Rob Hordjik - The Blippoo Box: A Chaotic Electronic Music Instrument, Bent by Design (excerpts)] / [Folge Elf!]
Guido Möbius – Batagur Baska
jayrope - (E) Etheo (in F)
Soledad Miranda – El color del amor
Y La Bamba - Mujeres
Acoustic-interface – Calliope
Yarn/Wire - Christopher Trapani - Writing Against Time (2014)
[Folge Elf - Tauchen ist Rödlich]
Children of alice – The harbinger of spring
Matthew Young – Objects in mirror

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