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Biesentales #16 The back of the eyelid

30 March 2019

Hosted by Samantha and jayrope, with Madeleine Peel & silently attented by Suetszu

Brandnew and partly local contemporary dance music, synthesizer soundtracks, ambient, classical rock & soul intermingling with a reading of Madeleine Peel’s poems performed by the author herself.


Ernst Reijseger - Baba
Whoknowswhocares - Next To Nirvana
John Cameron - Liquid Sunshine
Johnny Trunk - Mobilis In Mobile
Emanative - Him Allah Hum Allah
jayrope - Pitch Shifter Piano
Prana Crafter - Pillow Moss Absorption
Johnny Trunk - Anemone Jam
Janis Joplin - Summertime
[Johnny Trunk - Anemone Jam 2nd part]
jayrope - Five again 2
Dave Alvin - Black Haired Girl
Kevin Morby - Harlem River
La Banda de Fotones - Social Alone
[+ Madeleine Peel - voice over]
Stefan Kirchhoff - Buckets
[+ Madeleine Peel - voice overs]
Suetszu - Rained In
Kolophonium - Deeta
La Banda De Fotones - Oro Y Hoja
Tommy Guerrero - Slow Roll
La Banda De Fotones - Soy Libre

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