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Biesentales #22 Fest und Fluessig

12 October 2019

Hosted by jayrope & Niklas Kraft.

New label Fluessig Records by Niklas Kraft is about to start in early 2020 out of Berlin with a style that could be described as new noisy jazz on electronic sideways. Niklas brings some of the related upcoming music to your ears, and jayrope complements from their own music archive. Delicious parallel universal music.


jayrope - Small red deliah raisin
ITOE - Lebenslüge Musik 2
jayrope - Inner workings pt3
Suedhang ADR - Saxonian Drone 2
snakesoda - Hidden Links
jayrope - Dance of drops, ants, butterflies pt3
nkls - [modularpatch b2b]
jayrope - Galop in Gmaj
Wichtige Hinweise - Incompulsive
nkls - cleaner (unreleased)
jayrope - blöde testgitarre
jayrope - minimal sinus
nkls - gaia textures 3
Wichtige Hinweise - B-side (excerpt)
ITOE - Lebenslüge Musik 1
Suedhang ADR - Mülheim 9
snakesoda - Spinners Don't Die
jayrope - Green Mimeo
Gai/Jin - Ore25

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