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Biesentales #29 Hoping for wildlife to re-enter the cities

28 March 2020

Hosted by jayrope. This broadcast partly features works or even contributions from musical friends around the planet, Porto, Pasadena, Montreal, Barcelona, Berlin, Biesenthal – among other recent musical findings. We applaude the contributors, find their and other music links in the track list […] Focus of this broadcast lies on music, that is alive, wriggling, eventually dangerous, complimented by a few thoughts expressed to an imaginary talking partner.

Note: Please show solidarity by donating to an _urgent_ cause in another country. Suggestion: Thank you.


Live concerts are vanishing rapidly atm.

Please support survival of a culture by buying product from artists in this broadcast (not just them). Some pieces below overlap/reoccur.

Suetszu - Message (not released) -
Komitas Quartet/Armenian Miniatures - Yerkinkn Ampel a
Steve Moyes - She Brings Me Tea -
The Hardy Tree - Around The Steeple -
Farai - National Gangsters -
jayrope - Morf a gene (not released) -
Paisiel - Satellite -
jayfield - Human Noise Pollution P17 191114 (not released)
Kalan Teban - Noussandia -
jayrope - marimba sketch (not released)
La Banda De Fotones - Minimal sinus vs. Arrollando
Kimmo Elomaa w/ Julius Gabriel - untitled (not released) -
Lippstueck vs Bifiboy - The small death of a giant ballon (excerpt, not released)
The Hardy Tree - We Walzed At The Victoria Theatre
Nick Kuepfer - Grouse wings (not released) -
Das Behälter - The World Is All That Is The Case/Side A (cut-up) -
Die Welttraumforscher - Komm Scheine - nyh103
Air Cushion Finish & Nick Kuepfer - Cabin recordings (excerpt, not released) -
Contact Field Orchestra - We Dreamed of Islands; We Drank With Snakes -
About Angels and Animals - Untitled (not released) (Jan Klare alto sax & Julius Gabriel soprano sax) -
Suetszu - Message (reprise)

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