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Biesentales #37 – Fediversed, superimposed on what is

5 December 2020

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It’s quarantime! Broadcasts are preproduced. #37 created and hosted by jayrope.

Leaving the #corpoverse. First excellent music findings from the #fediverse interplay with 1930s pipe organ music here, and with chicago #jazz & contemporary preconceived improvs, with pure data patches & field recordings from the private archive. There is a few songs, and even an interplay of a washing machine breaking down versus 6-12 people improvising in coordination. Quite a ride. #Downtempo, #focused, #fine.


Tracklist, usually in order of first appearance, some excerpted/interplayed/overlayed/replayed

Angel Bat Dawid - No space for us -
Joshua Abrams - In Ex Or Able (excerpt I) -
Dopaminefield - Broken Mirror Therapy -
Tim Rowe & Flavigula - Universal Curtains -
Richard Barrett - Codex I (excerpt I) -
Sciss - Affoltra (excerpt I) -
Tim Rowe & Flavigula - Beyond the Birdsong
Olivier Messiaen - L’ascension (excerpt I) - Peter Siegele Privatarchiv. rec. 1992, Kapernaum, Berlin
Chris Abrahams - Car Park Land -
Olivier Messiaen - L’ascension (excerpt II)
Luka Prinčič - Nologic - (bandcamp)
Olivier Messiaen - L’ascension (excerpt III)
Sciss - Affoltra (excerpt II) -
Olivier Messiaen - L’ascension (excerpt IV)
Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi and Lezet - Mysteries -
vs jayrope - Karl (pd, owl-patch, generative)
Luka Prinčič - The Good China-The End (Chopin Prelude 4) - "Masters Remastered" project, FMA
Irma Thomas - Ruler Of My Heart - album “This is on my side”
Joshua Abrams - In Ex Or Able (excerpt II)
Irreversible Entanglements - The Code Noir-Amina -
jayrope - Sextant (pd, owl-patch, generative) -
vs Richard Barrett - Codex I (excerpt II)
Exquisite Corp - killing you with a 1000 polite emails (outro) -
Richard Barrett - Codex I (excerpt III)
vs Break down - Lavamat 60600 - field recording/jayrope archive

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