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Biesentales #38 – I had a car like that before

2 January 2021

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Hosted by jayrope. Tempo versus energy consumption versus density. Ranging from modern classical via ESG via private recordings via Berlin & Canadian buddies to piano & jazztronica findings from the fediverse. Update applied, now what? Was there really an update, was it really applied? Young minds, together, will show the path.


Partly excerpted and overlayed:

jayrope - Feliz Navidad
Young Minds Together - We Are Young Minds Together -
Yaxu - Prelock -
John Adams - Toccare
Flavigula - Dobruszka a její Vepřík -
Ansgar Wilken - Barn Dance -
Dick Tree - get me the fuck dead -
Jack Jack - B -
John Adams - Common Tones in Simple Time
F.S. Blumm - Extal -
Gavin Gamboa - Shimmering Cascades -
Scheiss die Wand an - 3A Joe Cream
Air Cushion Finish - Unbezahlte �eberstunden -
ESG - Hey!
Oliea - Micro -
Rope - Rose in the fog -
jayrope - Reeds
Naoto Kawate/Soren Brothers - That cannot be -

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