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Biesentales #4 Noise/Punk vs. Dub/Reggae

31 March 2018

Hosted by FS Blummbastic. All vinyl battle, noise & punk versus dub & reggae.


Hey O Hansen - You
Lumpy And The Dumpers - Someones In The House
Tapes - Gold Love Riddim
Exotica - Perseguida
Soom T - Dirty Money
Sial - Leta
Dubious - Escape
C.H.E.W. - Neuroleptics
Sister June -Tell What Police Can Do
Xylitol - I Don't Want To Be Punished
Miss Red - Murder
Las Otras - Asesina
Kiki Hitomi - Wonderland
Sang - Tres Dents
Roger Robinson - Dog Heart City
Lumpy And The Dumpers - I'm Gonna Move To New York
Hey O Hansen - You
Sang - Hem Perdut La Vida
Naram feat. Speng Bond - Big Brother
C.H.E.W. - Protest And Swerve
Richie Phoe - M 16
Question - Living
Riddim Research Lab - CCTV Dance
Crass - Bata Motel
Stand High Patrol - No Matter How Long It Takes
Vexx - Stress
Soom T - Puff the police
Brain Flannel - Sicks
Stepart - Non Stop
Behead The Prophet NLSL- Transdimensional Soldier
F.S.Blummbastic - Bleep
Pig DNA - Foire

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