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Bread.6K Bread.6K #5 w/Ross Alexander

29 June 2019

A return to deeper Bread this month as freeform palliation and heady invocations blend up with field-recorded textures and incidental sound. Certainly a more reserved and accessible Bread than previous months but nonetheless still pushing far out there and offering an exacting listen for the curious ear.

The Bread.6K mixes utilise a mixture of improvised and generative process, incorporating artificial intelligence programs and stream-of-concsiousness practice to mix hyper-contemporary musics with field-recordings and real time sound capture direct from the internet.

At any one time anything from 1 to 30+ layers of sound are being sourced, layered, re-edited and effected in real-time to create the recorded mix.

The resulting output of this practice manifests in ultra-complex sound collage forms which question the limits of the ‘dj-mix’ process and challenge the idea of singular dimensions and the typical ‘A to B’ directional pathway within a ‘linear’ mix of music and sounds.

As always with the 6K series only music released within the previous 2 years is utilised in Bread.6K #5.

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