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Breakfasts with Kaitlyn – Bandcamp Day!

4 May 2020

An Ersatzverkehr breakfast broadcast with Kaitlyn, with favourites from 1st May Bandcamp Day and featuring tunes from Cashmere’s compilation MIGA Vol. 1.


Cashmere Radio - Katiusha - Luna Thought
Cashmere Radio - Jessica Ekomane - Overture
Cashmere Radio - Applied Arts Ensemble - Amore Digitale
Cashmere Radio - The Tarts - Hi from Jan
Cashmere Radio - Carla dal Forno - Fever Walk
Cashmere Radio - Paul Arambula feat. James Fella - Dampy Lily
Mode I/Q - Looking Thru Your Mind
Cashmere Radio - Matty Martinez - A Higher Form of Feeling
DjRum - Shaking Changes
Barker - Positive Valence
Jorg Kuning - Ostara
V/A - CFCF - Cometrue (Physical Therapy Deep Forest Mix) [2011]
Humble B Flat - Let's Get Funky
Levi Love - O Ntsola Ditswalo (Phased Return)
James Massiah - Free Dem (prod. FAUZIA)
Jade Parker - Acceptance
Kudo Sol - Noodle Bender
Cashmere Radio - Eric Maltz - North East Gamelan
Cashmere Radio - Ross Alexander with The Mugwisa International Xylophone Ensemble - Wandering Xylo
V/A - Sky Ferreira - Everything Is Embarrasing (Physical Therapy Unreleased Mix #2) [2013] REMASTERED
Mode I/Q - Two Different Things
Cashmere Radio - S&W - Massena Strut

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