Weekly Schedule (CET)

Breakfasts with Kaitlyn + Thomas and Ian (AS IF NO WAY)

02 October 2020
  • Ambient
  • Drone
  • IDM
  • Oddities
  • Opera
  • Atmospheric
  • Gritty
  • Psychedelic

Thomas and Ian from AS IF NO WAY take over the controls for 2 hours of internationally influenced breakfast oddities <3




krzyzis - tinder island blues
The Towns We Love Is Our Town - Bing & Ruth
Various Artists - Morning Blend
輕描淡寫 - 捕夢網
Lifetones - Good Side
Lust for Youth - Lungomare
Malcolm McLaren - Madam Butterfly
Sweet Trip - Acting
The Slits - Earthbeat
BEAK> - Sex Music
Jeffrey & Jack Lewis - Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror
Metal Machine Music/Sarah Parilla - Scanners
Hot & Cold - Sister Told Me
Cate Le Bon/Bradford Cox - Secretary
Mode I/Q - Looking Thru Your Mind
Kanot - Bottenmannen
Jin Cromanyon - MMLP606 B2-Jin Cromanyon "KISSはDOBUの味"
MAXIMUM JOY - Silent Street / Silent Dub

Ian's vinyl selections (in no particular order)
Chiemi Eri - Okosa-Bushi
(Japanese Opera)
Saki Kubota - Ihojin
Foyer des Arts - Eine Königin mit Rädern untendran
Saori Minami - Legend of an Isle
(Japanese Ballad)
Hubert Koch mit Kapelle - Sternenhimmel
Shopping - In Other Words
Machiko Watanabe - Aijo Puzzle
SPOONS - Drin ist trocken
Me Succeeds - That’s Why I Cast A Shadow (Cloud Boat Remix)
Spliff - Carbonara