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Bureau #5: Tekkonkinkreet with Charley McDermott

26 January 2018
  • IDM
  • Techno
  • Cinematic
  • Up-beat
  • Druggy

This version of Bureau takes a look at the music of Tekkonkinkreet and its prolific composers, Plaid, for a 90 minute session of IDM.



Rat's Stop - Plaid
Snakeing - Plaid
Tahr - The Black Dog
Tears Of Nymph - Prism
Dragon Chase (Mathew Jonson's System100m Mix) - Plaid
Butterfly - Plaid
known(1) - Autechre
My Love I Love #16 - Bogdan Raczynski
This City - Plaid
Stimpak - Sun Electric
Brothers Chase - Plaid
Gun - Gus Gus
Chopper - SK8
Oasis - Plaid
Ravn - Tandoori
Intro (My Kung Fu Remix By Derrick May) - Plaid
Get Back To You Soon - D. Tiffany
Where? - Plaid
This City Is Hell - Plaid
Beginnings - Plaid
Safety In Solitude - Plaid
Hell on Bare Feet- Masafumi Takada
K-ENT- Masafumi Takada
Santiago (Vampires)- John Carpenter