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Bureau #7 with Dokia

23 March 2018
  • Internet
  • Electronic
  • Synth Pop
  • Cinematic
  • Trashy
  • Bombastic

Bureau is pleased to welcome its first guest input with this wonderfully curated, 90’s infused set from Dokia.

A bit about Dokia:

Dokia’s earliest memory is the Windows 95 startup jingle and the most recent is binge watching Yandere Simulator walkthroughs. One day she woke up with nothing to do and listened back to soundtracks of her 90’s games, and complicated are the ways of the unconscious rabbit hole this sent her through.



Stop What You Are Doing - Kelly Bailey & Mike Morasky (Portal)
Welcome to the aperture science computer aided enrichment centre (Portal)
The Desert Pyramid Beckons - Tomoya Tomita, Misaki Asada (Yoshi Woolly World)
What Is Your Birthday - Yasuaki Fujita (Tarot Mystery)
Water Temple - Koji Kondo (Zelda)
Lavender Town - SoulSilver (Pokemon HeartGold)
Can You Feel the Sunshine - Richard Jacques & Teresa Jane Davis (Sonic R)
Diamond in the Sky - Richard Jacques & Teresa Jane Davis (Sonic R)
Stonar - Robert A.Allen (Jazz Jackrabbit)
Medieval Jam - Robert A.Allen (Jazz Jackrabbit)
Letni - Robert A.Allen (Jazz Jackrabbit)
Marbelara - Robert A.Allen (Jazz Jackrabbit)
Technoir - Robert A.Allen (Jazz Jackrabbit)
MUTE2 - Unknown Artist (KKND Xtreme)
Magical Sound Shower - Hiroshi Kawaguchi (Out Run)
Castlevania – Demon Seed (Yasuhiro Ichihashi)
Island Zone – Unknown Artist (Ecco the Dolphin)
Shadow Temple / Temple of Time - Koji Kondo (Zelda)
The Path - Jarboe & Kris Force (Cloud Wolf)
Basement / Investigation - Only Wednesday Music (Yandere Simulator)
Wake Up / Sietch - Stéphane Picq & Philip Ulrich (Dune)
Alacrity - Matt Gray (Dominator 2)
Dreams of Love & Literature - Dan Salvato (Doki Doki Literature Club)