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Bureau #3: Lupin III with Charley McDermott

03 November 2017
  • Funk/Soul
  • Jazz
  • Oddities
  • Cinematic
  • Psychedelic

Our third venture into Bureau looks at the music behind the animated television series, Lupin III. Ranging from its groovy lo-fi beginnings in 1971 through to more contemporary funk & jazz from its latest season. 



Afro "Lupin '68" Instrumental (Voice Speaking)- Takeo Yamashita
Moody Afternoon- Takeo Yamashita
Purjed- Apelsin
Afro ''Lupin '68'' BGM 2 (Whisper)- Takeo Yamashita
Nice Guy Lupin- Takeo Yamashita
Theme 2 - BGM 4 (Xylophone)- Takeo Yamashita
Theme 3 (Song - Open Titles)- Takeo Yamashita
Kau Berdusta- Dara Puspita
Theme 1 - BGM 3 (Bass & Farfisa)- Takeo Yamashita
Scat (Fujiko's Theme)- Takeo Yamashita
Rhythm Suspance- Takeo Yamashita
Pleng Yuk Owakard - The Viking Combo Band
Bitter Defeat- Takeo Yamashita
Cool Lounge- Takeo Yamashita
Keep Your Dreams (Live at CBGB's)- Suicide
Theme 1 - BGM 1 (Slow Voice)- Takeo Yamashita & Charie Corsey
Theme 1 - BGM 2 (March)- Takeo Yamashita
Lupin Walkin'- Takeo Yamashita
Theme 2 (Song - End Titles)- Takeo Yamashita
Afro ''Lupin '68''- Takeo Yamashita
Lupin III '80- You & The Explosion Band
Vicious Glory- You & The Explosion Band
A Monmarte- You & The Explosion Band
Brisk Action- Maurice Lissac
Love Is Everything- Noboru Kimura
C-DAG -Toward The Patrol Line- You & The Explosion Band
Samba Temperado C-DAG- You & The Explosion Band
Tail To Nose- Toshiyuki Kimori
Fire Treasure- Bobby
Passart- You & The Explosion Band
Mysterious Journey- You & The Explosion Band
Leave You- Noboru Kimura
Planet O - Daisy Daze & The Bumble Bees
Flying Lupin- Papik
Counterintelligence (MI6's Theme)- Yuma
Cinquecento- Papik
Action Zenigata- Papik
Vs Mafia- Yuma
Zenigata's Theme- Papik
Chilly Breeze- Puccio Roelens
Nobody's Like Lupin- Papik
Jigen's Theme- Papik
Theme 2 - BGM 6 (Whisper)- Takeo Yamashita