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Bush of Ghosts # 31 w/David Tinning

4 December 2018

Last show of 2018, and a nice way to round off a great year in the Bush. Having swapped for an early slot on Tuesday for this episode, it was nice to take it easy, rather than the more intense sessions on Saturdays. Lots of new music in this one, a very much on a slo-mo chugging vibe. enjoy!


Mekine U Teksi - Liquidlibrium

Ettika - Ettika

Giant Steps -?

Domenique Dumont - Ono Mambo Haiku

Lucas Croon - Count Slow

Afrobutt - Feast your eyes

A Strange Wedding - Meta Romance

DJ Narciso and Nuno Beats - Atrovimento

DJ Narciso and Nuno Beats - Futuro

Celine Gillian - Fight or Flight

Communique - Lets Get Freaky (33)

Chateau Flight - Lo

S & W - Mondello (feat. Crocodile Funk)

Jo Bubbles - Bionic Dog

Lucas Croon - Nachtcafe

Dissedenten - Do The Pharaoo

Rapassa - Radido Song

Bell Towers - Ikea Hack (Dance Mix)

Gala Drop - Drop

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