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Iku Sakan

29 October 2019

Music is all about the total freedom of mind to me. it escapes any superficial hierarchies in our society and gives you some hints about how to see/feel the world in alternative way. doing this sort of mix always reviving my “faith” about music and a innocent excitement I had when I 1st dove into buying records and started exploring unknown territories in sound. Thanks for listening – Iku


John McGuire ‎- Pulse Music III

Patryk Zakrocki ‎- Martian Landscapes

Matteo Silva ‎- Continuum

Hermann Markus Pressl ‎- Asralda

Ivana Stefanovic ‎- Lacrimosa

Henning Christiansen ‎- Kreuzmusik Fluxid Behandlung Op 189

The Language And Music Of The Wolves

Paysage D'Hiver ‎- Prinz Frost

Corneliu Dan Georgescu ‎- Model Mioritic

Giancarlo Toniutti ‎- Rasùranìdo

Pekka Airaksinen & Iku Sakan - make send / makes end.

Paul Lansky - Word Color

Henryk Mikołaj Górecki ‎- III Symfonia Pieśni Żałosnych Op. 36

Iku Sakan - Nacre Hypnos (George Cory Todd Remix)

Kanye West - All Dreams Real

Star Searchers (Spencer Clark) - Total Dorsal Recall

Osamu Shoji - 聖都伝説 [Seito-Densetsu]

Aldo Tamborrelli & Massimo Ruocco ‎- Big Machine

Mladen Milićević ‎- Patterns

Japanese Nursery Rhymes (from Nara prefecture)

Jean-Yves Bosseur & Collectif Musique Verte ‎- Musiques Vertes

David Keane ‎- La Cascade Enchantee

Igor Kuljerić ‎- Muha

The God Fahim - Beef Ramen feat. Mach-Homey

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