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Cashmere Guest Mixes Kassettensendung with Chris Dreier and Ansgar Wilken

10 February 2024
  • Experimental
  • Noise
  • Oddities
  • Atmospheric

This is a radio show presented by musicians Chris Dreier and Ansgar Wilken. We focus on cassette tapes chosen as a sound storage medium to publish experimental/drone/industrial and no wave music chosen for its low production price but also for longevity and for the beauty of a small physical object. A tape revival started in the 90s so Ansgar plays publications of that time while I play more recent stuff from the Noughties, most of them acquired at concerts. And in the pipeline for another special are found tapes, rare 80s music, cassette anecdotes and more.



Dexia Defunct (O.J.A.I.) - Best Of (2016)
Enema Syringe - Klart att jag är förbannad
Andy Ortmann - Pataphysical Electronics (2017)
LA 1919 - Questo caldo
Jacek Mazurkiewisz - Chosen Poem (2014)
Junior and Wilma - Ode to Junkyard & Cow Park
Bobby Red Beat - Zipper or Snap
RRR/Nascitar (Porn Noise Record) - Untitled (2016)
Endiche Vis.sat - The Cry
Jan Warnke, Micael Excposito, Amphetamine Logic - The Echoes of a Gestapo Cellar (2013)
Klimperei - Escape
Dorian Bones/Lorenzo Abbatoir - Sugar Lodge (2015)
Gruppe Winkhorst - Cha (Part One)
Horst und Edith Guenther - Die Reiki Selbstbehandlung (found tape)