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Cashmere Guest Mixes – Lisa Smirnova

16 March 2024
  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • Drone
  • Atmospheric
  • Dreamy

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through a tapestry of electronic textures.

Lisa Smirnova on Soundcloud

Your Hair Turned Silver, Yet There's A Long Way To Go [Klamm20]

Guest Mix w Lisa Smirnova


Aphex Twin - #1
Torus, dj lostboi - The Moon Radiates To Us
John T. Gast - SLEAZY 23
Dylan Henner - With Her First Ever Steps She Walked To Me and She Was So Happy
Third Coast Percussion - Aguas da Amazonia: No. 1, Madeira River
claire rousay - it feels foolish to care
Trent Renor and Atticus Ross - I'm With You (Always)
kolya - glo22
Kali Malone - Living Torch Il
Astrid Sonne - My Attitude My Horoscope
Ocrilim - Anoint Il
Malibu - So Far Out Of Love
qwqwqwqwa - Phantom
aya, Iceboy Violet - Emley lights us moor
yolabmi - Ordinary Days
Croatian Amor, Jeuru, Alto Aria - Any Path to Touch the Stars
Raum - Restoration
Amnesia Scanner, Freeka Tet - Giggle
Croatian Amor, Scandinavian Star, Alto Aria - Spring Snow
Lauren Duffus - Love Love Love
qwawqwawa - elysium (feat. kolya)
Red Red Eyes - Low Light
Lullaby - Low
Double Virgo - Centaurella 44
Organ Tapes - heaven can wait
tm - to the max
Love Spirals Downwards - Psyche (ft. Kristen Perry-Gow)
Proc Fiskal - Pic Of U
Luca Rain, Fatshaudi - Dance All Day
TSVI, Loraine James - Trust
qwqwqwqwa - Zero
HTRK - Devil Do