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Cashmere Guest Mixes Lucid Lectures #1: Synapse Talk

3 August 2020

Welcome to Lucid Lectures. This show will tackle the broad field of psychopharmacology and all things connected to the way we perceive a drug: physically and mentally, as individuals and as a society. „Synapse Talk“ as the first episode hopefully leads us to an elementary understanding of neurotransmission, the process of synaptic communication which is essential for comprehending any effect a drug can have on our nervous system. And to make you feel like a cool futuristic neuroenhancement disciple, I’ve added some appropriately clinical music. Enjoy!


The Simplest Equation - Pye Corner Audio

Parkstone Melody II - Mark Pritchard

Blind Corners - Stenny

Still Motion - The Future Sound of London

Corrupt Data - Pye Corner Audio

Vespers - Bola

Mdmrx - Brothomstates

Seduction - Intrusion

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