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Cashmere Guest Mixes TENDERRIPPLEFLUX ↯ Episode 0: “The Ritual of Unboxing”

08 November 2021
  • Commissioned Works
  • Comedy
  • Drone
  • Experimental
  • Hörspiel
  • Euphoric
  • Dark
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  • Druggy

TENDERRIPPLEFLUX is a stimulating soundplatform designed to weave realms of the erotic in it’s multiple forms. Featured contributors of all niche fields tell intimate stories, plugin soundscapes and incantations, and experiment with spoken word and sonic experience. Understanding the erotic as a critical mode through which we may attain excellence, the audio pieces travel through the spectrums: soft + hard, mundane + otherworldly, silly + political; A reminder the erotic is a powerful tool for subversion and cross-imagination. Suspended somewhere between ecstatic and awkward is where each fantastical episode journeys.

Episode one: “The Ritual of Unboxing”, draws upon the shameless pursuit of ultimate self-pleasure and it’s borderline to pain, and the speculative sci-fi futures our g-spots long for, yet we haven’t experienced all the pleasure there is to yet be had. A cry to the aliens: give us the tools to lick our intimate third eyeballs, hardwire us with the neurons that produce the ultimate orgasmic shakedowns. Give us the stuff the scifi fantasy psycho sexual dramas only show us. 

Premiere: 08.11.2021. 22:00h CET

The episode features pieces by:

Liina Magnea – “Sehnsucht” 

Cru Encarnacao+Bungalovv – “The Borg Erotikum” 2.0

Go Sing – “An Extended Welcome”

Emilia Kurylowicz – “The Technicolor Raunchspace”

hosted by: Artwife + aemlx

Visual-photographies of sculptures by: Barbaros Kisakol

TRF type: Wro Wrzesińska

concept + design: aemlx

mentorship: Lou Drago

barba Copy 01_11.jpg


Commissioned pieces
1 Liina Magnea - Sehnsucht
2 Cru Encarnacao+Bungalovv - The Borg Erotikum 2.0
3 Go Sing - An Extended Welcome
4 Emilia Kurylowicz - The Technicolor Raunchspace

Mix by Artwife
1 Sirenius - Buttechno
2 2000 Theatrical TV Spot [Sci-Fi (Cable Television Channel) - Sci-Fi/USA Networks, Inc.
3 I'mma Doomer, Baby (So Why Don't You Heal Me?) - Clarence Clarity
4 Xingu - Noporn
5 Movie Star - Yang Bing
6 Positions - Naim
7 Intention Versus - Death Qualia
8 Boss Nova - André Uhl
9 If You Don t Love Me (I’ll Cut Your Face) - Poison Arrow
10 Soft Pain - BORA
11 Damned Whores and God's Police - Core Self
12 zestaw karaoke - julek ploski
13 I Vanish - Ziur
14 Entrez ! - Gilb r
15 Vanity - James Ferarro
16 Justify my love (Acapella Mix) - Madonna
17 1980 [a シミュレーションsimulation] Part Corrupt - Woob