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Cashmere Guest Mixes TENDERRIPPLEFLUX EP 002 ~transient appearances~

27 July 2022
  • Ambient
  • Arts & Culture
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Spoken Word
  • Atmospheric
  • Dreamy
  • Ethereal
  • Intense
  • Sensual

TENDERRIPPLEFLUX is a stimulating soundplatform designed to weave realms of the erotic in it’s multiple forms. Featured contributors of all niche fields tell intimate stories, plugin soundscapes and incantations, and experiment with spoken word and sonic experience. Understanding the erotic as a critical mode through which we may attain excellence, the audio pieces travel through the spectrums: soft + hard, mundane + otherworldly, silly + political; A reminder the erotic is a powerful tool for subversion and cross-imagination. Suspended somewhere between ecstatic and awkward is where each fantastical episode journeys.

Episode 002  transient appearances you are invited to sublimate back and forth, encounter the powerful yet barely perceptible forces and to play with the evanescent ✨ guided thru the experiences and allowed into stories by 3 very special artists-experts on the matters of the ungovernable

TRF 002 ~transient appearances~


⁂ Tres (Theresa Zwerschke) - Scent Score (flute by Maria Zwerschke) @tres___________
⁂ su dance110 - 【ILL DROP my BLUE EYES in the WILD ZEBRA】CF1P0606 @dancesu110 (CF1P0606 in collaboration with Mizuki Ishikawa @fun_k_son)
⁂ Stonemilker - Suko & Terrafied (and stories) @stonemilker___

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