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ears of a composer #2 “U7” w/ Nico Sauer

02 January 2021
  • Field Recording
  • Hörspiel
  • Poetry
  • Regional
  • Reportage
  • Atmospheric
  • Cinematic
  • Sensual

The Ears of a Composer 

The ears of a composer are ears that listen. They make you experience sound in a different way and discover music where you might not have suspected it.

This show is an acoustic wormhole to an adventurous world you can safely listen to from where you are, cozy and safe.

You will immerse in situations between documentation and fiction, between field recording and music.

Produced in binaural audio, it is recommended to be listening stationary, in a quiet environment, with ear or head phones.


Episode #2 – The Sound of U7


U7 is not a band. It’s a Berlin subway line. And it makes music and a lot of very peculiar sounds.

It is said that this line has a special acoustic ambience. Musicians from everywhere in the world come to play here.

Composers come in disguise to test their new pieces on the audience before they release them under their real names.

And of course they also do it for the extra money. And for the fun.

Enjoy the ride.


Special guests:

François Sarhan (phone call + vibraphone)

Neo Hülcker (recorder)

Finja Messer (speech)

Niklas Seidl (song with mini-keyboard whistling)

Florian Walter (electronic saxophone)

John Debt (rap)

the ears of a composer episode cover #2.jpg

ears of a composer #2 cover.jpg