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Cashmere Guest Mixes the neighbourhood as a learning space #1 w/ lumi

07 February 2024
  • Arts & Culture
  • Modern Classical
  • Middle East & North African
  • Atmospheric
  • Mystical
  • Cinematic

"the neighbourhood as a learning space" proposes a trip across Berlin, Palermo, Seville, Marseille and Sofia, in order to explore different experiences of community organizing at neighbourhood level.

We focus on the neighbourhood scale because we believe that it is a rich repository of experience and memories, and we wanted to explore the ways in which we, as members of different communities, could valorize this often invisible wisdom, through cultural and artistic practices but not only limited to them.

Each episode features a music selection that captures scents and moods of each city, as well as some spoken segments that narrate, through multiple voices, how the process has unfolded. The context, challenges, learnings and, of course, the wisdom of the neighbourhood.

This podcast series took place under the Erasmus+ project Edu-City. For more information visit the website: edu-city.eu

Durch Unsere Augen Premiere


1. Kedeish Kan Fe Nas - Fairouz
2. Here I Am - Burt Bacharac, Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra
3. Sanargea Youman - Fairouz
4. Ya Msaharny - Umm Kulthum
5. From Damascus To Berlin - Nabil Arbaain (feat. Matthias Haffner)
6. Ya Tair - Fairouz
7. Ya Rayah - Rachid Taha
8. Hala la la lia - Rim Banna
9. Dabke Medly - Dalal Abu Amneh
10. Ayam - Viviane Mrad
11. Ayam el Derase - Rayan
12. Saalouny El Nas - Fairouz
13. Kan El Zamaan - Fairouz