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UP+OUT w/ DJ Diaki, Mayflo, Jamie Palta

18 November 2019

UP+OUT is a new series joining fast tempos + far-away dancefloors with rapid-fire guest mixes. Each episode features guest DJs’ 20-minute workout mixes that hang on the higher side of 160 beats per minute. November blesses us with producer, DJ and radio host DJ Diaki from Mali, repping Bamako’s underground electronic street parties, Balani shows. Followed by this is a French-footwork-only mix from Paris’ Mayflo: Travail du Pied producer, All I See Is Red DJ, and Rinse France contributor. Jamie Palta wraps things up with a mix featuring female Ugandan artists’ traditional rhythms and futuristic raps, with a spliced in death-juke excerpt of the latest DJ Shadow release 🖤


MAYFLO tracklist:
Flex Blur - Shalmeigg [unreleased]
SNKLS - Soul [LFW]
BNDT72 - Comment Ca Bouge [Sequel One]
Biiish - Commando [LFW]
Remo - Rouge [LFW]
Feero - Afro Work [LFW]
Axone - Fear Mutates in the Dark [Self Released]
Vorace - Mais il est où ce con de perchman [Abri]
Mayflo - When I Die [Unreleased]
Bigseuf - Untitled 2.0 [Sequel One]
Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag (MSC Edit) [Unreleased]
Mayflo - Double Couche [Beat X Changers]

JAMIE PALTA tracklist:
Lady Grace Atim - Adoko Gwok
EQ Why - 160 Degreeze
DJ Marcelle - Respect My Snack Foods
Dazed Dog - Booyah
PRFCT STRNGR - Yelli Fuzzo Abande Remix
Forest Drive West - Annoko
Destined Destiny - Kodi Oting Lok
Matthewdavid - Stealing Sahara
DJ Balani - Bala
DJ Shadow - Juggernaut
DJ Warpslave - Princess_Scribble [Unreleased]

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