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UP+OUT w/ Turkana, EQ Why, Jamie Palta

21 October 2019
  • Afrobeats
  • Bass Music
  • Electronic
  • Internet
  • Bombastic
  • Celebratory
  • Dark
  • Jacking
  • Soulful

UP+OUT is a new series joining fast tempos + far-away dancefloors with rapid-fire guest mixes. Each episode features the best representatives from various scenes of 160+ BPM music: October brings you South Sudanese DJ Turkana + Chicago footwork producer/DJ EQ Why, both fresh from fire sets at Nyege Nyege Festival. Jamie Palta, our host, wraps things up with her own quick set of 160, drawing inspiration from Acholi rhythms, Halloween weather, and the birthday month of late footwork pioneer and Teklife founder, DJ Rashad (RIP). 🖤

Turkana is a quick-rising name in the Kampala experimental club scene. Follow her and check out her amazing projects uplifting women in arts. 💥

EQ Why’s mix is all original tracks. You should buy them! Or follow and listen. 👟

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Hehe- The CEE
L-Vis 1900
Sean Paul -Gimme Light
Still I rise -Maya Angelou
Ago Ago

EQ Why - Pimp Breeze
EQ Why - Work It
EQ Why - Sixteen 16
EQ Why - Pop That Big Ol Booty
EQ Why - Why-A-Rider
EQ Why - Dance Floor
EQ Why - Jazzy
EQ Why - Liar [Get Higher]
EQ Why - Planet Why
EQ Why - Feelings On The Floor
EQ Why - Pop It Shake It (Feat. DJ Roc)
EQ Why & Blaque - Electronic
EQ Why & DJ MC - We Got Grandz (Got It Off The Low Mix)

Bosmic Otim - Acholi Mito Dongo Lobo
DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn - Dubby
Slikback - Zeno
DJ Spinn - Make Her Hot
FLP, Megablown - Sitar Wars
Suzi Analogue - WAY LIVE ft. ZENSOFLY
DJ Rashad - Halloween
Recluse - Obsidian (Ani Klang Remix)
DJ Rashad - Somethin
DJ Warpslave - Giti Tongweno (Otim Alpha, Leo Palayeng VS. Eezzy)