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Cashmere Guest Mixes w/ Bookz x Alice Dee

06 June 2024
  • Trap
  • Grime
  • Hardcore
  • Dark
  • Gritty
  • Intense

On Thursday June 6th, Bookz… a Grime producer/DJ based in Brooklyn linked up with Berlin based MC Alice Dee for a Grime/140 set showcasing the different sounds of Grime throughout the world.

Expect to hear a wide range of styles from within the Grime genre, including Dark Grime, Trap, Drill, 140 Hybrid and more.

You can follow both Alice Dee and Bookz on SoundCloud and other social media outlets.

Alice Dee x Bookz Cashmere


Bookz - Unknowns
M.O.C. aka KamikazeMC - Latex
3RDI - Crime In Antique Mode
SertOne - Enough
Johnny Dubplates - Chainsaw Massacre
E3 Breaks - Gas Mask 2
Slimzee x Boylan - Mile End (Mezza Remix)
Mayhem NODB - Gasum
Mystry - Luigi
DeathTrap - Skipper Ahoy
Gordo Dubz - Exterminate
Dubzta - The Last Key (Conscious Pilot Remix)
Bookz - Crazee Sloth
Bookz - HellCat Remix
Bookz - Dirtbag
P Jam - Very Dark
Bookz - Smash Clock
Spooky Bizzle - Fortune Teller
Spooky Bizzle - Victoria's Secrets
Filthy Gears - Fusion Core
Alice Dee - WildStyle
PakzProd - Mutual Understanding
LRD - Oi
Bookz - Untitled
Alice Dee - Kriminell
Alice Dee - Wenn Ich Drop
Dubzta - Nightmare
Alice Dee - Alles Fliesst
J Beatz x Bookz - Brookfield
Zdot - New Light
Bookz - Get Paper
Dullah Beatz - Warship
Tribal Dubs - Gangsta
Juiceman - It Can't Go Down
Hindzy D - Bongo Dub
KOROstyle x Bookz - Red Line
Novelist - Pay What Is Owed
Mezza - Horror Show
Dust - Booty
Kyber - Onslaught
Bookz - The Beyond
Yert - Anemone
M.O.C. aka KamikazeMC - D.H.G.T.S.