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Emanuele Giannini: Geo-Resonance

11 January 2020

Emanuele Giannini presents for Cashmere Radio the first episode of “Geo-Resonance”. A listening journey exploring relations between organic and electronic music from then to now.


Księżyc - Syreny (Penultimate Press 2016)
Louise Lightfoot ‎– Invocation To Ima Leimaren (Ethnic Folkways Library 1960)
Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe (Philo 1980)
Newaxeyes - At Blood's (ft. Hanna Benn) (Important Records 2018)
John Levy (2) ‎– Hymns For Purifying Water (Albatros 1979)
Shasta Cults - Fades (Gedöns 2019)
Donato Dozzy - The Net (Further Records 2105)
Caterina Barbieri - Rendering Intuitions (Important Records 2018)
Sri Chinmoy - Untitled (‎Sri Chinmoy Verlag 1983)
Klaus Wuesthoff - Pictures Of India (Selected Sound 1983)
Carillon Of The Town Hall Tower In Veere - Prelude No. 6 In G Minor
(Radio Nederland 1985)
Alain Daniélou ‎- Sāma Veda (Invocation To Kubera (recorded in 1949)
Bertoia - Perfetta (Harry Bertoia sound sculptures played by Oreste
Bertoia) (Sonambient 2016)
Duo Folk - A Ninnia (I Dischi Dello Zodiaco 1977)
Anam Nin (Feat. Elaine Colclough)- Oceans Of Streams (Unreleased)
Deceh - Thrive Outside Economy (Important Records 2013)
Kenneth Gaburo - Lemon Drops (Tape Alone 1965) (Heliodor 1967)
Delisa Sibiya - Uyongilobola Ngani? (Lyrichord 1982)
Angakkut - The Telltale Moozadell (Andrew Liles Remix) (LOM 2013)
Maroc - Le Grand Ahouach De Telouet (Philips)
John Bence - Disquiet Moment 1 (Other People 2015)
Maria W Horn - Fides Minus (Portals Editions, XKatedral 2019)
David Maranha ‎– Antarctica (Roaratorio 2010)

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