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Cashmere Guest Mixes w/ Moll & Airpodz

09 March 2024
  • Grime
  • House
  • Jungle
  • UK Garage
  • Up-beat

Hailing from Lancashire, England, Moll and Airpodz make their German radio debut with a guest slot on Cashmere Radio. Moll is a member of all female and non-binary Manchester based DJ collective Not Bad For A Girl. Airpodz is the co-founder of 160bpm footwork/jungle music label Trax Haven. The pair have played in numerous cities and appeared on high profile radio stations in the UK, including Radio 1 and KISS Fresh. They kick things off with groovy house and funky beats before introducing some high energy UK flavours, including bassline, grime, UK garage and more.

Moll Airpodz