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Cashmere Guest Mixes w/ Mona

31 January 2024
  • Metal
  • Rock
  • Excitable

As I was told I could host a show in cashmere, I already had in mind how I wanted to do it. I planned to use the collection of vinyl records I have with my family! I wasn't sure about the type of music, so I had to think of a theme. I'm a big fan of metal and rock from the 80s, but we have lots of artists. Then, my family suggested, 'Why don't you just focus on Doro?' Doro is a German metal singer whom I really like.

So, I thought, why don't I just center it around women in rock/metal? I looked through my collection and knew exactly what I wanted. I had Doro/Warlock, Pat Benatar, and Headpins. I see them as empowering women who helped to make a name for women in a very male-dominated industry.

Cashmere Radio Guest Mix Mona


Burning the witches - Warlock
Without you - Warlock
All we are - Warlock
Für immer - Warlock
Eats meets West - Warlock
Unholy love - Warlock
Heartbreaker - Pat Benatar
Don't it make ya feel - Headpins
Breaking down - Headpins
Don't ya ever leave me - Headpins
Feel it - Headpins
I've heard it all before - Headpins