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NFNR & Sasha Dolgiy

04 February 2020
  • Electronic
  • Electro
  • Ambient
  • Industrial
  • Atmospheric
  • Ethereal

NFNR is a Kyiv-based electronic musician Olesia Onykiienko, curator of Womens Sound platform and member of NGO Institute of Sound, theatrical and short-film composer, lecturer of electronic music, organizer of experimental music events and parties, cultural activist. NFNR has numerous international collaborative projects with musicians and dancers,is a vocalist in folk-electronic art-laboratory Mokosho and is an audial part of Deus Ex Machina art group in which research the roots of rave culture and city . In 2018 was a participant of Ars Electronica`s event STWST48x4Sleep Sonatas of Sleep/less (Linz, AU) , works with multy-channel sound. She enjoyes multy-layered sound constructions, textures rich with timbres which combines with modular vst-s and industrial field-recordings



Sasha Dolgiy [live] Magnetic Harp performance I experimantal, diy, drone, noise

Sasha Dolgiy [Institute of sound /UA] – musician, artist, curator, inventor of music instruments (one of them Magnetic Harp), founder and a head of Institute of Sound, Womens Sound and «ECHO laboratory».

Sasha Dolgiy refers to the recordings on magnetic cassettes, which are scattered and forgotten in every house, as well as to the players – this is the creation of a new mechanism and system of interaction with the oblivious format for storing and reproducing audio information. The deconstruction of existing meanings and the subsequent reconstruction of new interactive forms from them. These are live audio performances that never repeat. A unique instrument is the magnetic psaltery, with the help of which Sasha Dolgiy seizes all sounds and makes them into a voluminous and absorbing noir panel



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