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Unsent Messages – Sevda Khatamian

27 June 2021
  • Ambient
  • Delicate

Unsent Messages is a collaboration between Sevda Khatamian (Iran) and Michael Holland (EU). Based around the idea of sending messages to specific friends, spoken in their own language and thus creating a surprising & joyful connection to that friend. The idea to send these anonymous messages in various languages, spoken openly and in such a friendly way is supposed to trigger an emotional response from the listener , whoever they may be, by hearing these friendly messages we hoped to speak to the listeners directly through the medium of radio. The voice is combined with music by many artists and weaved together among field recordings by Sevda Khatamian. The intention was to create an immersive and intriguing dialogue to engage the listener, for a personal and comforting experience in sound. Sevda records sound for the project “Sonic Tehran”


Watercolour image is by Sevda Khatamian from her Lonely Places Series




Chronomad : Dore Hindi
R_R_ : Luminosity
Sevda Khatamian : Speaking to her friends starting here and continuing until the end of the program Farsi , English and Turkish.
Sevda Khatamian : Abstractly Midnight
Sevda Khatamian : Firescape Rain
Elodie : En Dehors De Toi
Sevda Khatamian : Sprinklers
Ahrkh : Bliss Waves (From the Heart Realm) Oceanic Boundlessness
Sevda Khatamian : Bagherkhan Sunny Side
Sevda Khatamian : Crickets and Distant Waves
David Cunningham : Two Different Places
Sevda Khatamian : Climbing up the stairs
En Dag : Thaw
Sevda Khatamian : Father teaching his daughter how to ride a bicycle

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