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Cashmere Sessions – Artificial Biota w/ Hugo Lioret

09 May 2023
  • Experimental
  • Electronic
  • Interview
  • Mystical
  • Playful
  • Trippy
  • Strange

Hugo Lioret came by the studio on a Thursday afternoon, presenting his work "Artificial Biota" for Buchla 208c and Supercollider (upcoming release on SUPERPANG, August 4, 2023), followed by a chat with Lukas Grundmann.

Hugo Lioret is a composer, musician, improvisor and field recordist. He develops his artistic research on organicity through analysis, expression and transmission. Trained on drums at Dante Agostini in Nantes, on sound with Mathias Delplanque in Berlin, with Hervé Bouley at Radio France in Paris and at the Institute of Sonology in the Hague, Hugo also worked at INA GRM on pedagogy and at GMEM CNCM as in charge of the transmission unit. Beyond live performance, Hugo did his master thesis about field recording and has provided compositions for radio, movies, Odio, WFS Festival and Rewire 2022.hugolioret.com/



00:00:00 Intro
00:01:20 Hugo Lioret Live: "Artificial Biota"
00:28:37 Talk between Hugo Lioret and Lukas Grundmann
00:41:03 Ryuichi Sakamoto - Plankton (Music for an Installation by Christian Sardet and Shiro Takatani)
00:46:41 Talk between Hugo Lioret and Lukas Grundmann
00:51:25 Hugo Lioret – Cretaceous (feat. Leslee Smucker)
01:00:33 ACLDS – LehXrd4f