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Cashmere Sessions David Palliser and Pedro Almiro LIVE (curated by Nathan Gray)

27 June 2024
  • Improv
  • Celebratory

David Palliser's constructions for saxophone, loops, trash and toys weave and wander down endless forking paths, countless detours, detournements, derives, fluttering lines of flight, lightning flights of line, flashes, interruptions, eruptions, utterances, ululations, copro- echo- glosso- lalias, ceaselessly stuttering and clattering between movements and moments.

Meanwhile percussionist Pedro Almiro brings his sense of movement, momentum and meterish to the sampler, re- and dis- ordering not only his kit but also incorporating hi-res infrasonic recordings made on a recent trip to the Americas.

Hosted and stitched together by Nathan Gray on the mic and decks.

Palisser Almiro flyer


Wojciech Rusin - Words Into Shapes
Laura Cannell, Stewart Lee, Kate Ellis, Polly Wright, Jennifer Lucy Allan - WREKIN
Marina Herlop - shaolin mantis
Otay:onii - Child No.22
Rick Myers - Field / Obstacle
Pedro Almiro - LIVE in the Cashmere Studios
John M. Bennett - Cake
John M. Bennett - Last In Line
Disinformation, Savion Glover - Doppelgänger Variations
Marcus Schmickler, Julian Rohrhuber - Refrain Numbers Negation
Kate Bush - Deeper Understanding
Marina Herlop - miu (Choir Version)
Pamela Z - In the Other World
David Palliser - LIVE in the Cashmere Studios
Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding
Jack Callahan and Asha Sheshadri - Shipbuilding