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Cashmere Sessions – GUSH

27 July 2023
  • Goth
  • Interview
  • Post-punk
  • Psych
  • Space Rock
  • Flowing
  • Playful
  • Psychedelic

GUSH (@ohmygushhhhh) is a new 2 piece band featuring Steven Warwick (fka Heatsick) and Iván Brito (aka Vanya).Their sound is very broad, incorporating post punk terrace chant, surf rock, psychedelia and goth.

Recorded, mixed and interviewed by Lukas Grundmann on 27 July 2023

Flyer by Iván Brito in collaboration with Cashmere Radio’s Kopierwerkstatt

Cashmere Radio Sessions GUSH


Setlist GUSH Live
1. City Fog
2. Bodies
3. Hieroglyph
4. Naked in Netto
5. Over
6. Scratch
7. Reissue

Interview Tracklist
Dale Cornish – Emperor AI [Halcyon Veil]
GUSH - City Fog (studio version) [unreleased]
GUSH - Naked in Netto (studio version) [unreleased]
GUSH - Scratch (studio version) [unreleased]
GUSH - Hieroglyph (studio version) [unreleased]
Rey Sapienz - Nzela Mabulu [Hakuna Kulala]
33EMYBW - Arthropods Continent feat. Li Jianhong (Ikonika Remix) [SVBKVLT]
Matmos - Plastic Anniversary [Thrill Jockey]
Yuto Nahua - El Irreal Veintiuno [SUBREAL]

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