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Cashmere Specials – Abolitionist Jelly Jam: “Transforming Connections within Dissonance”

27 January 2024
  • Electronic
  • Improv
  • Montage
  • Spoken Word
  • Atmospheric
  • Intense

In July 2023 a group of artists, musicians, cultural workers, writers, and researchers got together to focus on prison abolition and transformative justice. In November they hosted a three-day open jam session for collectively grieving, sharing knowledge and whispering anger and hopes while weaving together different rhythms and individualities as a concrete example of abolition.

This Saturday, 27 January at 3 pm will broadcast excerpts from the jam. It will also be an occasion to get together and reflect on prison and police abolition. You can also join us on our Telegram group or get in touch if you can be physically present in Berlin. The Jam was organized by the research group currently working under the name Abolitionist Jelly. Two-day workshop was followed by an event where Cavid Dhen and Maya provided a foundation of saxophone and upright bass.

Join the Telegram group to stay in touch and get updated: https://t.me/+P00VJK7BEgRiOWJi

Cashmere Abolitionist Jelly


With the participation and contributions of:

Akira Y.
an*dre neely
Cavid Dhen
Derek MF Di Fabio
Elizabeth Gallón Droste
Legion Seven
Liza Rinkema Rapuš
Ludmila Fuks
Merma Suelo
Pablo Torres Gomez
Sailesh Naidu
Susanna Gonzo
Wissam Sader

MINQ and Derek MF Di Fabio initiated the jam and it took place at SoundsAbout in November 2023 during “Assemblage” curated by Julia Koffler.