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Cashmere Specials Cashmere X Stegi Exchange: Embraceable Silence/Disappearing Mirror n. 29.5

14 January 2024
  • Ambient
  • Atmospheric

Embraceable Silence / Disappearing Mirror n.29.5 – Stegi Radio Edition

Embraceable Silence / Disappearing Mirror is a radio show that listens around the edges of sound – it’s midnight music for the in-between hours. Musics that allow space for the listener, for imagination, that somehow have a sensation of negative space. For this special collaboration between Stegi Radio in Athens and Cashmere Radio in Berlin (where my show normally airs) I went back over all my past shows and picked some of my favorite pieces. Finding the thread between all these songs, a certain musicality reaches out through the speakers, accentuating paths carved out by thought and dream.

Athens-based Stegi Radio and Berlin-based Cashmere Radio present a one-day online exchange event on Sunday 14 January 2024. As part of the ever-growing community of online radios outside the mainstream, Cashmere and Stegi exchange producers in an effort to build bridges beyond borders and solidify communal bonds, share new sounds and ideas and present each radio’s unique character to their respective audiences in both cities. Cashmere Radio presents a roster of producers that reflect its experimental nature, while Stegi Radio chooses up and coming producers from Athens, Thessaloniki and beyond that represent the adventurous and genre-defying creative force of the electronic scene of Greece.



Eva-Maria Houben and John Hudak - organ of birds
Helen Thorington - Terra dell’Immaginazione
Lunchbox - Swordfish
memotone - Sarson
Beatriz Ferreyra - Huellas Entreveradas
Eric Maltz - Earth Materials 3
MLO - Birds & Flutes
Nobukazu Takemura - Conical Flask
Space Afrika - kitty
Cheryl E. Leonard - Fluxes
Dj Wally & Swingsett - Mustela Negripes
Joel Thome and Phil Moffa - Event #1
Eric Maltz - Le pont englouti
Leonel - Pajaros de Montania (Mountain Birds)