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C.I.A. Débutante Live On Cashmere Radio

3 August 2017

We had the immense pleasure to bring Paris-based experimental noise act C.I.A Débutante for a special live-to-air while the group were in Berlin. C.I.A. Débutante is an experimental musical duo from Paris, France, founded by Paul Bonnet and Nathan Roche. Via long-form and highly combustible improv jams, the duo churn out a deranged mixture of The Shadow Ring and Cabaret Voltaire via a no-nonsense Vanity Records dead-pan attitude. They have been described as “delivering beats, intergalactic adventures from the paranoid eye-in-the-sky to citizens of the world.

You can find more work from the band at their Soundcloud and find all their releases over on their Discogs page.

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