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Cashmere Specials Daniel Johnston Day 2024: Found in Translation

22 January 2024
  • Indie
  • Strange

2024 marks the 5th celebration of Daniel Johnston Day. On what would have been the lo-fi singer-writer and visual artist's 63rd birthday, a radio show presents cover versions of Johnston's songs in many languages and genres, displaying the depth and breadth of his influence.

Featuring BROSOLO, Galya Chikiss, Shoxxx, Klaus Beyer, Annette Maechtel, Paranoia Godard, Matthias Wyder.

Radio show by Marco Brosolo and Natalie Gravenor

(in English except Klaus Beyer's statement in German)

DJ Bln Day 2024.jpg


Daniel Johnston I Had A Dream

Daniel Johnston Live and Let Die

Annette Maechtel & BROSOLO: Die Sonne scheint auf mich (cover of The Sun Shines Down on Me)

SHOXXX Walking the Cow

Galya Chikiss Some Things Last A Long Time

Klaus Beyer Enten (cover of Space Ducks)

Klaus Beyer Wahre Liebe wird Dich am Ende finden (cover of True Love Will Find You in the End)

Daniel Johnston Living It For The Moment

BROSOLO Viviti (cover of Living It For The Moment)

PARANOIA GODARD: Vivere Invano (cover of Life In Vain)

SOUND 8 Orchestra feat. Vanette Casper le gentil fantôme (cover of Casper the Friendly Ghost)

Daniel Johnston The Story Of An Artist

Daniel Johnston I Killed The Monster