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Community Radio Showcase Cashmere x Subcity – Drone Day 2021 – Ansgar Wilken presents Drone records

29 May 2021
  • Drone
  • Atmospheric

Drone Records is a German Industrial / Dark Ambient label started to release 7″ vinyl in 1993. Those releases are mostly available in their first edition with handmade covers. Some releases were re-released with standard covers. The main theme for the 7″-series is drone / dark ambient music. This program features nine tracks released on this series, a short label portrait and intros by founder Stefan Knappe himself. In the late 90’s Ansgar Wilken was Knappe’s flatmate and the universe of Drone Records has caused a big influence to his own musical perception and development.



Drone Day Drone Records Photo.jpg


Xabec - Feuerstein 1
Toy Bizarre - KDI DCTB 49
Emerge - Relativity
Licht-ung - Kristall
Pawel Grabowski - Cirr’s Song 1
Amon - Aura Rhanes
Die Feinen Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim - Froschdosis 01
Kallabris - 81° n.B., 178° ö.L.
Crawl Unit - Tucson Mon Amour - a hole in the moving clouds