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SIGNALE | Cashmere x Sirene – Goldrausch 2020 w/ Sara Drath, Mona Hermann, Cashmere Specials – Cashmere Specials – Gosia Lehmann, Rosanna Graf mod. by Bitsy Knox

17 December 2020
  • Arts & Culture
  • Radiophonic
  • Reading
  • Spoken Word
  • Talk Show
  • Atmospheric
  • Informative

In German and English Language


A radio evening full of magic tricks and curiosities: While Mona Hermann introduces radio-trailer to her new film, collaboration with Sarah Drath One Night at the Exhibition, Gosia Lehmann takes us for a fictional-museum tour to explore the idea of economic shamanism and Rosanna Graf introduces us to the world of magical plants by following the scream of the mandrake. Bitsy Knox guides us through the evening.




Hermann/Drath, One Night at The Exhibition (teaser trailer)
Soft Machine, Lotus Grove
KAS Project, Underground Movie
Gosia Lehmann, Divine Intervention
Building Twelve, Room One
Secret Sound Society, Family of Percussion
Gosia Lehmann, Divine Intervention
This Heat, Track Loop 24
Gosia Lehmann, Divine Intervention
Requiem for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Two Mixed Choirs
Pet Shop Boys, Opportunities
Kelly Lee Owens, Corner of My Sky
Eola, Daylong Breathing
Rosanna Graf, Mandrake
Aphex Twin, Stone in Focus
Mort Garson, Plantasia
Rosanna Graf, Basil
Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants, Mrs. Hashimoto
Emanuel Mooner, Nächtlicher Aktivitäten
Rosanna Graf, How Would it Feel
The Flower Gleams (Hodie Aperuit)
Nicholas Fehr, Nachtpflanze
Rosanna Graf, Carnivore
I Love My Tickle Plant
Ana Roxanne, Slowness
This Mortal Coil, Song to the Siren