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Cashmere Specials – Hypnotic Radio #3 with Nika Radić

19 October 2020

The third edition of Hypnotic Radio, a series of shows by Nika Radić a visual artist working with hypnosis and Corin Arnold a DJ who also hosts the Dreamtime show on Cashmere Radio, is now available! This time no practical hypnotism is offered but there is a look into possible abuses and how to avoid them!


Nika Radić - Narration

Extracts and treated sound bytes from the follwing are included in the show:

Miles Davis - Saetta

Mala Femmina (DJ Tess) - Ruff

Catherine Cohen - Look At Me

Jim Kellner - If You Can’t be Hypnotized, You Lose

Court House Statement - You Calling Me A Liar ?

Jean-Marc Vallée/ Reese Witherspoon - Wild (Therapy Scene)

Woody Allen - Various Quotes

Corin Arnold - Various Effects & Enhancements

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