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John Object hybrid set / Ross Alexander plays Bio Future Laboratory

12 October 2019
  • IDM
  • Experimental
  • Electronic
  • Trance
  • Strange
  • Intense
  • Ethereal

A superbly crafted and intriguing mix from rising talent of the the underground experimental world John Object, recorded live at the Cashmere Radio HQ. In a break from his usual blistering live performances, John presents some of his musical influences from the past ten years in the form of a hybrid-live-set. Comprising his own re-edits, remixes and reconfigurations of various different artists from Björk and New Order through to a classical harp version of The Fugees the 45 minute piece ducks between bombastic hyper-realism and writhing deformity in a way few could match. It’s all here in signature John Object style; sounds are twisted, warped and sent out into the extreme reaches of disassociation before being dragged back through a glutinous mass of polymorphic contortion and finally polished violently to a high-gleam finish. It’s highly cerebral stuff which despite the obvious IDM/Breakcore associations manages to find a curious little ledge all of it’s very own on which to dwell. Extreme attention to detail, skewed wit and an extra sensory sonic dexterity are what set this Object thing apart from most of it’s peers. Iiconoclastic in the most excellent fashion.

The second three-quarters-of-an-hour are taken by the mercurial maverick Ross Alexander as he amalgamates layers of prismatic hypernoise, taut eco-grime and searing trance-core into an implausible and scintillating mix well befitting of a label so truly-far-out as Bio Future Laboratory.



All Music played by Ross Alexander is available via the bandcamp page: