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Party After Party: Nyege Nyege Festival 2019 w/ Ladit Ladiez

09 October 2019
  • Afrobeats
  • Bass Music
  • Field Recording
  • Interview
  • Montage
  • Celebratory
  • Bombastic
  • Atmospheric
  • Laid-Back
  • Playful

Welcome to Nyege Nyege Festival 2019, as experienced by the Ladit Ladiez: a Dancefloor Diplomat Duo comprised of Gulu-based Dancing Queen, Anena Kevin Okumu, and Berlin-based Disc Joker, Atim Jamie Palta. Listen as they guide you through the controversy, conversation, and music of their favorite festival. 

Accompanied by a snippet guest mix from Turkana, taken from the forthcoming episode of Jamie Palta’s UP+OUT show on Cashmere Radio. 

Key words:

Rolex (Noun). The cheapest and best Rolex you will ever experience wastes no time, as it is served in the form of quick-fried fresh chapati and *rolled eggs* on the side of the street in Uganda. Always show love to your local Rolex guy.

UG (Noun). Short for Uganda Waragi: the unofficial national liquor partially responsible for the country’s high rates of both alcohol consumption and dancefloor madness, notable for it’s unique ability to blend perfectly with juice, soda, and even beer.

Shout outs to live acts:

Fulu Mziki, Duma, Seeds of Datura, Otim Alpha + Leo P Layeng

Big love to all the DJs, especially those who helped me figure some track IDs:

DJ Diaki, Decay AKA Cardi Monae, Catu Diosis, Hibotep, Shannen SP, EQ Why, Wulf Fluw XCIV

(…and many many more, you should probably just dig the whole lineup 😉

Special mentions:

Fulu Mziki Boiler Room

Hakuna Kulala

Hope Center Gulu

Wer Waa Festival

Ladit Ladiez are accepting 2019-2020 sponsorship offers from the aforementioned brands plus any other investors who would like to endorse our talents in eating, dancing, and drinking and general enjoyment of life.



Gang Ber ki Dako - Otim Alpha
Tongwen - Otim Alphaa & Leo P Layeng
I Like Boys - Todrick Hall
John Cena - Sho Madjozi
Yoh Ndim - Phelimuncasi
Boog - Scratcha DVA & DJ Polo
Nahawa Doumbia - Lelale (DJ Diaki Remix)
Mitsubishi Song - Menchess
Back to Sender - Wusu X Team Salut
Falling - absyys
Brothel Hell - Lust of a Dying Breed
Parte After Parte - Big Trill
Giti Lok (Otim Alpha VS. Eezzy) AcholitronGlitch 160 Edit - DJ Warpslave