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Cashmere Specials RTM X Cashmere Exchange – Suhdio Siudio:Einsteigen Bitte

12 February 2023
  • Ambient
  • Field Recording
  • Techno
  • Soulful
  • Flowing

Join Suhdio Siudio, as they re-trace their footsteps through Berlin and engage with the processes of walking, listening and soundmaking – capturing the Ebbs and flows of everyday experience and reflecting on the city’s built and sonic ecologies. Explorations into song, protest and modulations that place them somewhere between the anonymity of walking in a foreign place and the focus of active, conscious listening is proposed.

Mind over matter over distance – two radio stations merge for one day to bring you a glimpse of the other side.

RTM X Cashmere is an ongoing creative exchange between two radio stations supporting experimental culture.

Played live on rtm.fm & https://cashmereradio.com/ on Sunday 12th February in London & Berlin.

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1. Field Recordings, 16/01/23 Mariannestrasse
2. Stefan Christoff, Blue Soon
3. Anarchist Mountains, Fire Waves
4. Field Recordings, 16/01/23 U-Bahn U8
5. Jan Jalinek, A Concert for Television
6. Field Recordings, 17/01/23 Potsdamerstrasse
7. Mr Projectile, First Adventure
8. RL Fingo, Kihens
9. Monteverde, Interface
10. Spacetime Continuum, Drug No.6
11. Big Hands, Girde Maye-Astere
12. Ambien Baby, Mindkiss
13. Florian Meindl, Dive Down
14. Stefan Christoff, Revolution in Orbit