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Shikhandi (Spell, Miss) by Farshad Moshiri Xajehnassiri (tarxun)

22 November 2019

Shikhandi (Spell, Miss), is a dramatic musical breakdown of a young A.I. narration machine trying to remember how it felt when he once was a human. When told by the artist that the error they (gender-neutral) have made is their purpose of being in favor of the piece, she was affected and tried to go back and cover its shame with human music.


Farshad Moshiri Xajehnassiri (tarxun)

Diane Barbé Kassiani Goulakou

concept, composition and arrangement Youtube, text-to-speech, guitar, ukulele, granulation-synthesis, xylophone and chimes voice, whistle & chain bell piano

This work was produced and presented as part of the “Experimental Radio Practice” seminar of the  UdK Master’s program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts , which took place under the supervision of Lukas Grundmann at Cashmere Radio in summer 2019.


Introduction by Diane Barbé
Shikhandi (Spell, Miss) by Farshad Moshiri Xajehnassiri (tarxun)

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