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Cashmere Specials Sounding The Beautiful Game EP03 w/Ross Alexander and Oscar Rohleder

28 June 2024
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Sounding the Beautiful Game is a sonic research project which investigates the many sounds associated with the game of Football, blending hour-long sound collages taking in everything from fan choirs and well known anthems, to recordings from the further reaches and lesser known corners of the football world.

The shows collage songs and music alongside field recordings, interviews, sound bites, documentary excerpts, poetry, sound walks and features with various experts and football lovers.

STBG aims to touch on the many facets and niches of the game, from the fervour of fan culture, to football’s huge political and societal impact amongst communities all across the globe, celebrating the inspiring positivity and diversity football can bring to the world while confronting some of the hugely problematic issues which are part of the sport.

Running each week for 5 weeks during the European Championship finals on Fridays 19:30-20:30 CEST

Listen at cashmereradio.com or in Berlin on FM 88.7 and in Potsdam on FM 90,7



Eric Cantona - “Make Beautiful Music”

Children in Rio’s favelas talk of life and football

Joga Bonita - Sounds of Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Adriano, Robinho, Kaká e Ronaldo Fenômeno

Flamengo goals and commentary

Field Recording - Bruno Auzet - Tapirape Village at evening time - Children are playing football, small dog barking, night insects, A motorbike, a baby crying, steps on dust...
Mato Grosso, 2009

Gabriel Jesus speaks of favela life and football

Field Recording - Damiao Lopes - A soccer field in a park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Marta speech - “Striving for equality, striving for respect, striving to make this world a better place, for everyone”

Rene Higuita and the scorpion kick

Canción de El Tino Aspirilla (La Selección)

Field Recording - Kyle S - roadside village with birds, people passing, motorcycles and distant soccer + distant table saw, more road traffic. and barking dogs
Saravena, Colombia 2016

Field Recording - Deportivo Cali - Colombia - Fans Chanting

Colombia Fans, reaction, playing music, singing - World Cup 2018

Colombia 1-2 Cameroon World Cup 1990 2nd Round - Rene Huigita gives the ball away Roger Miller Scores,

Cameron beat Brazil

Axel Mouna - Juventus - Cameroonian Makossa - 1981

MINUS! - Mano de Dios

Lionel Messi speaks before Copa America final 2021

Maradona - Documentary excerpt 1 - Childhood, beginnings, early story - 1996

Opus - Live is Life 1989 - Maradona training dance - Napoli, Stadio San Paolo

Maradona - Documentary excerpt 2 - Politics, explotation by the fascist regime - 1996

Field Recording - Acclivity - Boys playing football while traffic goes by. About 4 games were co-existing on the same paved flood-lit pitch at 10 pm near Taroudant city walls. At 35 secs a ball splashes in a puddle, A boy skids across to retrieve it. Taroudant, Souss-Massa, Morocco.

Morocco women’s football team qualifies for the World Cup

Hasna Doumi - The first woman to coach a men’s team in Morocco - “The only difficulty for me is how the society views me. Football is for men, they say, I had only the support of my relatives and my family because they know my experience in football and for me I do not pay attention to criticism from society. I have the support of my parents and that has helped me in my career,"

Moroccan Ultras - Anti Corruption Chants (Black army, Green boys, Winners, Hercules)

“In this country, we live in darkness, we ask for salvation, give us victory our Lord, they left us for Orphans, they’ll be accountable on judgment day. You squandered the country’s wealth, gave it to foreigners, suppressed a generation, you killed our passion and it’s you who started these provocations.”

“This life in Morocco is not ok, it’s the reason for migration, congratulations, the country is empty, no health or education, just bribery and corruption.”

Youcef Shems and Issam Khatir - Allez le Maroc

Morocco beat Spain on penalties - Qatar 2022

Bay-len-troi - thai song intended to make the opponent miss a penalty

Football Time - Pulang

Piyapong Pue-On - The Legend of Thai Football

Thai national football team chant - ‘We are Thailand’

Football Friendly China 1-5 Thailand - Commentary in Thai

Chinese Football - Interlude

sounds of England vs Belgium inside an empty wembley stadium 2021

Eric Cantona - Poetic Acceptance Speech UCL Awards 1995. “As flies to wanton boys, we’re are for the gods, they kill us for their sport”

Fizzing Funk - World Cup Anthem (1994 Orginal Demo Tape)