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Cashmere Specials Stegi X Cashmere Exchange: Miss Trouli

14 January 2024
  • Trance
  • House
  • Dreamy
  • Euphoric

Love Songs of Supermodernity: Obsessive Cravings:

A journey through loops, moans, melodies, tears and addictive rhythms. A trippy hour of electronic music for reflection, dissociation or making out.

Wannabe pop icon, DJ, baby-producer and club culture researcher, Miss Trouli is a true dancefloor aficionada. From house music essentials to seductive breaks and progressive trips, always with a dose of pop millennial nostalgia, she strives to explore a wide spectrum of club music and create sensual, dynamic environments related to desire, hedonism, femininity and togetherness.

She also tries to transform her passion for electronic music into academic research on club culture, spaces and communities. Her writings are inquiries of the embodied experience, healing process and dissolving of hierarchies taking place on the dancefloor – elements that she strives to locate and nourish as a DJ too.



Athens-based Stegi Radio and Berlin-based Cashmere Radio present a one-day online exchange event on Sunday 14 January 2024. As part of the ever-growing community of online radios outside the mainstream, Cashmere and Stegi exchange producers in an effort to build bridges beyond borders and solidify communal bonds, share new sounds and ideas and present each radio’s unique character to their respective audiences in both cities. Cashmere Radio presents a roster of producers that reflect its experimental nature, while Stegi Radio chooses up and coming producers from Athens, Thessaloniki and beyond that represent the adventurous and genre-defying creative force of the electronic scene of Greece.




KASKADE - Let You Go
TSVI - Safi (feat. Miragal)
DANCE 2 TRANCE - Hello San Francisco
NAMBY PAMBY - Girlz! (UK Style Club Mix)
PRIORI - Winged (Priori Rezone)
ROZA TERENZI - Double Reflection
ABDUL RAEVA - New Horizons
NAIL - Cassiopeia (Luca Lozano remix)
JULIET - Avalon
SVEN VÄTH - The Beauty & The Beast (Eric Prydz Re-edit)
OLSVANGÈR - Air Balunga
RESISTANCE D ‎ - Human '98 (Summer Madness)
KORNÉL KOVÁCS - Follow You (Alex Kassian Remix)
MAARA - Tranquil Lust Mommy
OMA TOTEM - Sardana Sardana
COURTESY - I See Right Through To You [feat. Sophie Joe]
COUCOU CHLOE - WAITING (feat. Lederrick)